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Aston Martin Track Days

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推介会突出“花城”与“过年”的主题,主办方精心制作了九段视频,现场展示了广州的人文历史、城市文化、美食美景和广式春节特色等,有西关大屋、东山洋房等代表性建筑,长隆、广州塔、百万葵园等标志性景区,视频内容精彩纷呈,令人目不暇接。中国游客赴迪拜旅游 中领馆:谨慎参与潜水项目“大概三年前,有个刚到任的上级领导临时来县里开会。我一疏忽把他之前的职务写错了,县领导发言时也顺口念了出来。那个上级领导当场指了出来,场面很尴尬。”彭涛(化名)开玩笑说,“如果只称同志不列官衔,可能就避免这次‘事故’了。”

Racing has been in our blood since 1913 when we first began to create British sports cars as beautiful to drive as they were to look at. Every Aston Martin has a sporting DNA inspired by our love of the track. New for 2019, our official track day programme gives you the chance to experience our cars, hone your driving skills and learn from our experts at the world’s best circuits.

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Art of Living

Art of Living reflects the core values of Aston Martin and adds layers of fascinating insight into a range of expert fields normally reserved for a very limited audience. Dip into our world of curated lifestyle experiences and capture a living snapshot of a selection of specialised areas including travel, haute cuisine, sport, fashion and culture.

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Aston Martin Magazine

The lens through which Aston Martin views the world, bringing together our vision of art, design, engineering, aesthetics and performance. We showcase the latest news and products from Aston Martin, interviews with owners and a behind the scenes features on Aston Martin Racing.

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Aston Martin Racing

Racing is the lifeblood of Aston Martin. From a motorsport debut at the French GP in 1923 to this year's V8 Vantage GTE Le Mans 24 hour race victory, this formidable arena has always been our passion. Aston Martin Racing always strives for success and our determination can be seen and heard at racetracks across the world.

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