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现年72岁的潘基文外貌温文尔雅,待人亲切诚恳。同僚对潘基文的评价是:勤奋、沉稳,具有出色的口才和非同寻常的记忆力。同时,他头脑敏捷,观察细致,总是能敏锐地抓住细节,摆脱媒体和对手为他设置的陷阱。 劝阻吸烟致猝死案审判细节曝光  总部机关,海军,军事科学院,济南、沈阳军区和国家部委机关,山东、辽宁省等军地领导以及研究甲午战争专家学者代表约600人出席仪式。27、28日,海军和军事科学院联合举办甲午战争120周年研讨会,从海洋、海权、海军等方面深入历史,汲取教训,引以为鉴。(记者王瑶、吴登峰)



World?leading design, exceptional engineering and extraordinary craftsmanship are central to Aston Martin’s ethos, and each and every Aston Martin is an expression of this. New resources, continual investment in the best people and the latest computer?aided design and engineering facilities have empowered Aston Martin to build exceptional cars. Explore our rich model heritage below.



DAVID BROWN & Aston Martin


In 1947, a small British automotive manufacturer was up for sale after falling on hard times during the Second World War. After answering a newspaper advertisement, agricultural and engineering entrepreneur Sir David Brown purchased the company for just over £20,500. He set about revitalising the business, focused on producing a car which improved on the 'Atom' a prototype constructed in 1939.

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Our Interactive Timeline celebrates a remarkable heritage, exploring a century of automotive expertise. From the very first Aston Martin - the inimitable "Coal Scuttle" - through to One-77, the most exclusive Aston Martin of the new era.

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